Give the Perfect Gift With 3D Photos & Glass Engraving

At Free Country Designs of Sterling, Virginia, we can etch kitchen cabinets, ornaments, and topographical maps, and even create 3D photos from 2D original prints. This revolutionary method is much more effective than the old hand carving method, which is hard to duplicate. Prices range from $15 to $300, making personalizing your home or business decor easy and affordable. Are you looking for the perfect gift? Ask about our glass engraving services, ideal for creating keepsakes that last a lifetime.

Personalized Products

We believe in involving our customers in every step of the process, including approving design proofs before we begin production. Due to the variation of wood grain and other factors that are beyond our control, each piece we create is unique. Are you seeking a commercial engraving? We can add an executive touch to glass, metal, and marble nameplates.

Customized Signs

Our customized color core signs will make your business stand out. We can work with sizes of up to 4-feet by 4-feet, incorporating 3D features that are sure to attract attention. Please contact us for details on the construction of larger pieces, however, our signs typically range from $59.99 to $299.

Engraved Drinking Glasses

Simply send us your custom artwork in the form of a photo or logo in high-resolution files of .bmb, .jpg, and .png, and we will engrave the design onto a dozen 12-ounce glasses. This method is more precise than standard engraving, with a range of .002 inches. These are perfect for keepsakes for yourself, to give as gifts, or to celebrate weddings, graduations, bar or bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, and corporate events.

Laser engraving

Free Country Designs offers a full-service laser cutting and engraving service. We have invested in an Epilog laser with a very large bed. Most lasers are about 18 x 24 inches. This limits the size of the project to be engraved as well as increases the time and cost to the customers.

Our Epilog laser also has 125 watts of power compared to the usual 40 or 65 watts. This translates into a faster cutting speed because the laser head can move faster and still give the proper cut or engraving. This faster laser speed combined with an extra large laser bed equals savings for our customers. You can purchase your products in larger sizes and we can design the laser file to make more products on one sheet of material.

Lasers come in two kinds. CO2 and fiber. Fiber lasers are made for engraving and cutting metal. CO2 lasers are for all other materials including wood, glass and ceramic to name a few. Here at Free Country Designs, we have a CO2 laser.

There is a way to engrave metal with a CO2 laser but it is not as effective as a full fiber laser. The way to engrave metal with a CO2 laser is to spray the metal with a product that has a chemical reaction with the laser beam causing it to etch the surface of the metal. As you can figure from the description the metal etching is not as good as engraving. An example would be an aluminum water bottle that after some use the logo or design wears off. Compared to actually engraving into the metal which would last the lifetime of the product. We are capable of using the chemical to engrave metal but always make our customers aware of the shorter life expectancy. If you are engraving something like a plaque that will not be getting a lot of abrasive use the CO2 laser with a chemical is a perfectly good alternative to searching out a company with a fiber laser.

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