About Free Country Designs

As a family-owned company located in Sterling, Virginia, Free Country Designs offers laser engraving skills, CNC routing skills and full Sawmill and Kiln drying services to customers nationwide. Our goal is to create incredible signs, art and engraved products for the public. We have the skills and equipment to turn your imagination into reality. Each product goes through our quality control process to insure your complete satisfaction.


With access to the latest technology we decided to use our more than 30 years of business experience to create a custom engraving, CNC routing and sawmill company. Beginning with conception, continuing through artwork, and concluding with the final product, we guide you through the sign and engraving process.

Sawmill Services

After many years of working with wood and sawmills we had such a demand for live edge wood products we decided to add two sawmills and a kiln to our equipment lineup. This gives us the ability to go from tree to final wood product all in house.
We can make any design of live edge and epoxy furniture. We start by listening to what your concept of the design is. Then we go through a process of design and share your experience with you until a final product is decided on.

Computer-Controlled Cutting

CNC routers are computer-controlled cutting machines that are used in various industries to cut and shape all types of material. The CAD software makes a code called G-code that is sent to the controllers on the router. From there, the coordinates are sent to the servos that drive the machine.

The sign industry uses CNC routers to cut out shapes or engrave letters into 3D designs. The main features of CNC routers is exact replication of the design and repeatability, enabling repetition of cuts as close as .002 of an inch. This allows us to create the same sign or design over and over again when working on mulitple items.

Our CNC Router

We use a large Laguna Swift™ CNC router with the ability to cut and shape up to 4-feet by 8-feet, making anything from simple signs to complex 3D sculptures. We can work with just about any material, including:

Foam Board | HDU | HDPE | Wood | Metal | Color Core | Acrylic | Plastic

Our Laser and Software

Our 28-inch by 40-inch Epilog Laser™ has a 120-watt laser head and is very large and powerful in comparison to the models used by most engraving shops. This means that we are able to provide better cuts on large pieces. We also take our designs to the next level by using industry-leading Vetric Aspire design software, which allows us to design even the most intricate signs and engravings with ease.