Live Edge Slabs for Sale in Sterling, Virginia

At Free Country Designs, we have a selection of live edge slabs for sale. We specialize in unusual slabs and grain patterns. We seek out odd shapes, burls, and crotch figures. Most of what you find at sawmills are straight grain slabs and lumber. We like to have a selection of odd cuts that you can’t find at regular sawmills. Most of our logs are the ones that get passed up by regular sawmills because of irregular shapes, which is exactly what most live edge slab customers desire.

What Are Live Edge Slabs?
Typically, when logs are milled, the edges are cut off each side to create a flat edge. This cube is called a “cant” in sawmill terms and is then sliced into boards. In contrast, a live edge slab has a natural edge. “Live edge” refers to the living part of the tree found in the outer rings. The live edge usually has bark on it that can be removed or left in place although the bark is usually removed since it will most likely fall off anyway and if you are going to make an epoxy river table the epoxy wont stick to bark. We try to source local trees that are already dead or have fallen from storm damage.

The popularity of live edge slabs has grown considerably over the last few years. People enjoy the rustic, raw, unique design. Live edge slabs are often used for the following:

  • Bar tops
  • Dining room tables
  • End tables or coffee tables
  • Doors
  • Shelves
  • Wall art
  • Cutting boards
  • Desks
  • Headboards and footboards
  • Benches
  • Many other woodworking projects

How to Select a Live Edge Slab
When selecting a live edge slab, you will want to have your end product in mind. Our experts at Free Country Designs can help you select the appropriate thickness and flatness for your intended use.

Keep in mind that wood moves as it dries. Even a slab cut perfectly flat may move an inch or more out of its original plane when it dries. You may find the perfectly sized and shaped live edge slab with all the characteristics you could hope for, but you will need to consider whether that slab will flatten out to the thickness you want. If you are using the slab for wall art, you may not need a flat piece the way you would with a dining room table or countertop.

We stock many species of live edge slab lumber, and we also have our own sawmill operation. You can visit our Sawmill Services page and Portable Sawmill Services page to learn more.

The majority of our live edge slab inventory is kiln dried using the iDry vacuum kiln. If you are interested in purchasing a live edge slab, call now or email to speak with one of our experts, who will assist you in finding your favorite piece from our inventory.