CNC Routing in Sterling, Virginia

CNC routing is a process where we take a digital file and process it in a format that can be understood by a computer-controlled router. Our CNC router has a 4 foot by 4-foot table giving us the ability to route full-size signs and cut out larger projects with ease.

CNC routers use coordinates like a grid on an X, Y and Z axis. Once the file is converted with a special kind of software it is loaded into the router. The material to be cut or engraved is then attached to the router table to be processed.

There are many different styles of router bits as well. We have invested thousands in just router bits alone to make sure you will get the best quality routing on your signs or any routing project. Some kinds of router bits include ball head which is used to cut out a rounded piece in the material. This ball head would cut out a trough similar to the gutter on a house roof. End mill is another popular kind or routing bit. It is one of the most widely used kinds of router bits because of its durability and shape. End mill router bits are often used as what we call area clearance bits.

CNC routing is often done in steps with multiple bits used in a specific order to accomplish the most efficient cut possible. We start with a course endmill in a large size to use as an area clearance bit. Then we use a mid-level bit that is often a smaller endmill to clear out the areas on the project with finer detail. Then we use a finishing bit that is usually a ball head bit of an even smaller size. The ball head gives a very fine finish and is usually the last bit in the routing process.

Another very popular router bit is the V carve bit. Just as the name suggests the tip is shaped like a V. This bit is usually used by itself and is most often used for single pass sign work. The V bit and ball head bits give the most classic style of look we are used to seeing from a CNC router.

At Free Country Designs we have invested in the most modern software to give us superior detail for your sign and graphics work. We also have a Laguna CNC router which has helical gears to control the router head so we can be precise with repeated accuracy down to .002 of an inch.

Laguna CNC routers are also known for their speed as well. Having a router that can make an accurate cut and maintain that cut at a higher travel speed translates into us being able to give you a very competitive price on our CNC routing services.

You can feel comfortable that Free Country Designs will deliver superior quality work at a very competitive price. Whether you are looking to have some kitchen cabinets cut out or the doors engraved or maybe would like a 3D model carved out we can do the job.

We can create a file from scratch for you or you can supply us with a file that is ready to load into the software. We can work with any type of wood as well as plexiglass and color core polymer sheets. The color core is a great product for making indoor or outdoor signs. It is two pieces of a plastic type product that is sandwiched like an oreo cookie with two colors. This makes it great for signs because the inside color will show once we cut through the outer layer. This is great for things like maps giving directions or informational signs with a finer font. At Free Country Designs we have experience in all types of projects and have the ability to draw designs free hand as well as vector files on our software.

Give us a call now to get a free quote on your next sign or CNC routing project.