Learn More About the Intricate Art Of Custom Engraving

At Free Country Designs in Sterling, Virginia, our artisans love creating custom engraving work that truly stands out. Learn more about our process and how we turn ordinary, everyday objects into individualized works of art.

What Is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a method of removing material to leave a shape on an object. Many people think that lasers work by burning away substances. In fact, lasers vaporize the material they touch. Sometimes wood will have a burned look after a laser engraving or 3D carving, but this is just sap in the wood coming to the top, which can be washed off with a brush to return it to almost the original color.

Wood Engraving

When we’re working with wood, we never see the same results twice because every tree has its own grain pattern. When the laser goes over a strip of wood grain, it does not vaporize uniformly, leaving a slightly wavy pattern that you can see and feel. Since every piece of wood is unique, the same engraving photo or design will look different on different pieces of wood. Sometimes, we will engrave a family photo or a graduation photo and there will be a wood grain running right through the middle of a person or object. This is completely normal and is part of what makes working with wood so special. If you don’t like the way grain looks, ask about our many wood options. Some are smoother than others, delivering more even results.

Materials We Work With

Laser engraving works great on acrylics, marble, granite, brick, and more. We can even laser engrave glass. Whether you would like to give champagne glasses as a wedding gift or just want something unique for your kitchen or wet bar, simply send us your logo and we will make your vision a reality. Other materials we can work with include:

Wood | Ceramic | Leather | Glass | Many More